Professional Ring Light (20cm, 26cm, 36cm)

Good lighting can make or break the quality of the images you want to capture, that’s why the LED ring light is an important tool in a professional photographer’s life! It makes filming Vlogging, creating beautiful tiktoks and stunning Instagram images much better!

Which one to buy?

20 cm: 20 cm ringlight is enough for most people. It is portable so you can keep it in your bag. If you are tiktoker then this will be the best buy for you in budget.
26 cm: 26 cm ringlight is the mix of both. It has more light than 20 cm. Best if you are pro tiktoker or vlogger/YouTuber so you can look better in your daily Instagram or Snapchat photos spam.
33 cm: 33 cm ringlight is not portable. It is heavy but has very bright light because of bigger radius. It is best for beauty makeups tutorials, YouTuber’s and vloggers with fixed setup. This light could also be used for professional portrait photography.

Do I need a stand?

You don’t need a stand to use the light. You could adjust the ringlight (using some jugaad) or if someone can hold it for you. meaning you can use it independently.
However, if you want a permanent solution then we recommend a tripod stand.
Don’t forget to tag us (@boskistores) in your first photo upload using this ringlight 😉

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20 cm, 26 cm, 36 cm

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