Metal Waterjet High-Pressure Spray Nozzle

Original price was: ₨ 1,499.Current price is: ₨ 1,250.

Metal Waterjet High-Pressure Spray Nozzle

Original price was: ₨ 1,499.Current price is: ₨ 1,250.

Rotate, Choose, Adjust, and Set your Target to Wash!

  • 4 inches High-Pressure Water Nozzle is ready to clean everything
  • Wash your car, home, or factory with its high-pressure flow
  • Its sprinkle feature and light pressure water your plants
  • Rinse anything with its fine and High-Pressure Spray
  • Let attach this nozzle with your pipe and have fun
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It’s time to play the water game and wash everything with a High-Pressure Water Nozzle. You can wash your car, home, and anything at any time & anywhere. You need to attach this portable metal nozzle and clean everything.

There are different modes of this Nozzle pressure that you can use for the variant purpose by rotating it.

Get rid of HEAVY MUD with High-Pressure; Washes your cars, garage, driveways, and others

Have you driven in heavy rain? Then obviously your car and its tires suffer from mud and strong dirt. But now no more worries, the High-Pressure Spray jet is here that wash it quickly with less energy and time. Moreover, you can also wash wide outdoor areas like your garage, driveways, factory, etc. It can grab and remove all garbage even from corners properly.

Mist, Light-Pressure or Sprinkle water on your plants, bath your pet, indoor usage, and lots of

You can water your garden by choosing its mist feature and sprinkling. You can use its light pressure for indoor cleaning purposes; washing carpets, mats, floor, etc. It is also best for playing water games with your kids; filling the swimming pool, and other water games.

Other Features

Lightweight: You can carry it anywhere to set up your play area with your friends and wash your car at any time.

Durable Material: Heavy-duty solid water jet of metal of great quality that you can use professionally and for home use just like the Hose Sprayer facilitate you.

Leak-proof: The Nozzle Pressure does not disturb you while you cleaning or washing anything because of its high-quality and leak-proof feature.

How To Use:

This Water Nozzle is very easy to use; attach it to your water pipe, tighten it, and get ready to use. There are three options of water–throw that you can enjoy by twisting its barrel to choose.

  • High-pressure / Powerful jet Stream
  • Light-pressure
  • Sprinkle or Mist

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